2018 pinot rose Wine Details


The 2018 COCO TO ARU Pinot Rose marks our 5th vintage for this wine.
We originally began to produce this rose as a “one off”, an unplanned use of some grapes that seemed more suited for rose than for red wine. The reaction to that first wine was overwhelmingly positive, and so we decided to make the wine every year. We are very happy to do this as it is our firm conviction that dry rose wines can be some of the most refreshing, the most complex, the most food-friendly wines around.
With the decision to make this wine every year, we have continued to refine the process, exploring the best way to make a dry rose. In many cases, rose is made by blending lesser quality white and red wine to make a simple quaffing rose wine. Not so with the Coco To Aru Rose. Here we start with the best grapes possible—100% Pinot noir from the famed Kimura Vineyard in Yoichi, Hokkaido. We then undertake a very long, cool carbonic maceration of the whole clusters of grape in tank… this process, aided by the cold Hokkaido weather, allows for a very gentle extraction of aroma, flavor, umami and just the right amount of color (hence, the rose ‘blush’) from the skins. We then press the grapes, and continue the fermentation in specially selected barrels and stainless steel tanks. Post-fermentation aging on the lees helps to promote a gentle mouthfeel and complexity of both aroma and taste.
Rose production has a rather checkered history: of late, it is typically a wine, neither red nor white, made from red wine grapes insufficiently ripened or white wine grapes that don’t have anywhere else to go.
This is a sad thing, as carefully grown and vinified rose wines can be supremely enjoyable for both the casual wine drinker and the serious student of wine.
We hope you find this wine to your liking, as a compliment to your meal or your gathering of friends.

VARIETY Pinot Noir 100 %
VINEYARD Kimura vineyard, Nobori, Yoichi, Hokkaido
20th October 2018
Alcohol: 11.4 %
Total acidity: 0.48 g/ 100 ml.
Residual Sugar: 0.1 %



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