2015 NOVO DEMI-SEC Wine Details


As with our Novo Brut, the Novo Demi Sec is a traditionally made bottle of Riesling Lion-based sparkling wine, light, crisp, and refreshing. It has a higher dosage than the Brut, and that gentle sweetness makes it ideal to be paired with ham, cheeses, fresh fruit, etc. It also holds pride of place as the staff favorite for Sunday brunch.
Our 1996 Novo Demi-Sec sparkling wine was served at the final State Dinner of the Okinawa G8 Summit in 2000. This event brought much attention to our wine and our winery.
We were honored to be included in this historic event, the first time a domestic Japanese wine was served at an official State Dinner.
With each day, each harvest we try to live up to the trust placed in us, working hard to produce the highest quality wines.

VARIETY Riesling Lion 100%
VINEYARD Tajima Ashikaga Tochigi
8th 9th 15th September 2015
Brix @the Harvest (average) 17°Brix
BOTTLING Tirage on:25th May 2016
Degorgement: 18th 19th June 2019
The number of bottles : 500 (750ml)
Alcohol: 13.1 % Total acidity: 0.60 g/ 100 ml.
Residual Sugar: 2.0 %



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