2017 Here Comes The Moon Wine Details


Here Comes the Moon is made from the Kerner grape, a variety relatively unknown to most. It was developed in Germany in the 1950s and is grown to produce outstanding wines in Germany, Austria, northern Italy, and Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido.
From the first time we attempted making wine from Hokkaido-grown Kerner we’ve been taken with the tremendous potential that the grape holds. It is marked by an intensity of fruit, strong aromatics, and a crisp spine of acid.
Kerner perhaps reaches its ultimate expression in the coastal hillsides of Yoichi,
an hour drive west of Sapporo. Cooking ocean breezes and fertile, iron-rich soils combine to infuse the wines with an extra depth of flavor. The grapes for this wine were grown by Mr. Fujisawa and Mr. Ara.
Mr. Fujisawa and Mr. Ara performed their magic, turning out grapes with powerful aromas, sturdiness of body, and a beautiful acidic snap.
Careful pressing, fermentation using wild yeasts, and a post-fermentation aging period in stainless steel has yielded a powerful wine showing to great effect Kerner’s fruit profile.
The origin of the wine’s name, Here Comes the Moon, is from a late Edo Period poem which encourages wisdom, patience, and acceptance…
“One should wait for the rising of the moon, yet should not chase after the falling flower petals”.

VINEYARD Nobori and Misono District, Yoichi, Hokkaido, Japan
22nd, 25th, 30th October 2017
Brix @the Harvest(average): 22oBrix
BOTTLING Bottled on: 25th September 2018
The number of bottles :4,757 (750ml)
Alcohol: 13.4 %   Total acidity: 0.83 g/ 100 ml
Residual Sugar: 0.32 %



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