2016 Petit Manseng Wine Details


Two defining characters of the Petit Manseng grape are high acidity and high sugar content, even if it is grown in a climate of high rainfall and warm temperatures. In its original home in Jurançon, France, the wines are often made in a sweet style to capitalize on these features.
In Ashikaga, due to higher amounts of rain and extremely hot summers, we can get moderately acidic grapes with intense flavors of honey and lemon curd, and a ripe mouthfeel reminiscent of fig jam.
Enjoy this wine with fondue, fried oysters, fried fish with a sprinkling of lemon, grilled chicken with mustard, fruit salad, spare ribs, or Blue cheese tart.

VARIETY Petit Manseng 100%
VINEYARD Tajima, Ashikaga, Tochigi
6th 7th 9th 19th 20th 22nd September 2016Brix @the Harvest(average): 21.2oBrix
BOTTLING Bottled on: 14th September 2017
The number of bottles : 1,843 (750ml)
Alcohol: 12.8 %   Total acidity: 0.55 g/ 100 ml.
Residual Sugar: 0.24 %



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