2016 Here Comes The sun Wine Details


The “Here Comes the Sun” has its origins in the southwest of France. There they grow a little know red wine grape variety called Tannat. We first became interested in Tannat when looking at climatological data for French wine producing regions. In the appellations of Madiran and Jurancon we found weather patterns similar to those of Japan, with high summer rainfalls and high temperatures. We thought that the grape varieties indigenous to the region might be suited to Japan’s climate, and so we imported some of these vines, including some Tannat.
It took a number of years to increase the number of Tannat vines to a point where we could plant several vineyards, but with the results in hand we are certainly glad that we took the time. The “Here Comes the Sun” is a powerful, deeply colored, highly structured wine in a classic style. Tannat (from mountain vineyards in Yamagata, and Nagano prefectures) provides the structure and depth, while Cabernet Sauvignon from Yamagata adds a plush, smooth character.
We recommend this wine with beef steak, smoked game, and any other grilled meat dish.

VARIETY Tannat 90 %
Cabernet Sauvignon 10 %
VINEYARD Kaminoyama Yamagata
Takayama Nagano
11th 16th October 2016
27th October 2016
Brix @the Harvest (average) 21.5oBrix
BOTTLING Bottled on: 12nd January 2018
The number of bottles: 5,501(750ml)
Alcohol: 12.0 %
Total acidity: 0.60 g/ 100 ml.
Residual Sugar: 0.14 %



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