<Degustation Information>

Degustation means enjoying the taste of wine and foods.
Our cafe located in front of our vineyard serves five glasses of our fine wine with perfectly matched dishes for each wine
The dishes are mainly made from local fresh vegetables and seasonal foods.
We welcome you to enjoy the matching of the wines and the dishes of the season.

 Degustation Course ¥8,000 (Tax included) *3 day’s notice is required
  1. Sparkling Wine
    Seasonal Sparkling wine
    With assorted appetizer
  2. White Wine
    Crisp Japanese white wine “Kaze no Etude”
    With grilled angel shrimp and botargo and Japanese white radish salad
  3. White Wine
    Enjoy the hidden character of Japanese grape Koshu “Koshu F.O.S”
    With seasonal fish dish
  4. Red Wine
     The kind of wine you won’t find else where in Japan “Yama no Tannat”
    With fillet beef
  5. Dessert Wine
    Vin Santo dessert wine “Suono Del Ashino (The foot fall of Donkey)”
    With seasonal dessert and ice cream and beverage after the dishes
  • Please note the wine may change due to our wine stock or in order to match the accompanying dishes.
  • You can order additional wine and juice from our menu.
  • For those who do not drink wine, we have a ¥5,000 meal couse.
  • If there is anything you can not eat due to allergic or religious reasons, please let us know beforehand.
 Seasonal Meal Course¥3,500 (Tax included) *1 day’s notice is required
Wine or juice is not included in this course. Please order drinks from our menu.

Assorted appetizer
Grilled angel shrimp with botargo and Japanese white radish salad
Herb flavored grilled chicken
Seasonal dessert

  • Mini freshly baked bread is included in this meal.
  • We use as much local foods and vegetables as possible. So the menu may change from day to day.
  • Wine or juice is not included in this course. Please order drinks from our menu.


 A La Carte Menu
  • Deck Lunch〈Weekends only〉Deck Lunch ¥1,200
    A plate of one sausage, a seasonal side dish, a salad, and freshly baked bread. This lunch is very popular at our cafe.

  • Spicy Curry LunchCurry Lunch ¥1,100
    Our original Indian style healthy curry made from lots of local vegetables. One plate of the curry, a salad, a freshly baked bread, and a side dish.


  • 〈Weekdays Only〉Pasta Lunch ¥1,200
    A special pasta, that changes daily, made from seasonal foods with a salad and freshly baked bread. One of the cafe’s secret dishes!
  • 〈Weekdays Only (except Wednesday)〉
    Fish Course Meal or Meat Course Meal ¥2,300 each
    A seasonal fish or meat dish with assorted appetizer, salad, blead, coffee, and dessert. No need for reservation.
  • Freshly Baked Bread Sandwiches with a Soup ¥700~
    We have five sandwiches made from our popular bread, carefully selected foods, and fresh vegetables.

  • Tasting SetTasting Set ¥2,200
    Three glasses of selected wine (Red, white, rose) with a plate of uncured hams and cheeses.

  • Side dishes that go well with wine
〈Weekdays Only〉Grilled Marc Beef ¥3,000
Assorted Sausages ¥1,400
(A plate of German white sausage, chorizo, local sausage from Nasu, and sausage with bone.)
Fresh Salad ¥1000
Uncured Ham Salad ¥1,200
Assortment of Uncured Hams and Cheeses ¥1,400
Mashroom and Garlic Saute ¥900
Assorted Italian Uncured Salamis ¥1,000
Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese ¥1,000
Escargots ¥1,400
Escargots with bread ¥1,600


 Takeout Menu
Takeout Menu Great for picnics in our winery grounds!

  • Lunch Box ¥1,100
  • Freshly Baked Bread Sandwiches

※We have plastic glasses for takeout drinks.


 Wine from COCO FARM & WINERY  
 All the wine on sale in our guestroom is available in our cafe.

COCO’s Wine
(made from 100% Japanese grape)

Glass Decanter Bottle
<Sparkling Wine> (750ml)
 NOVO Demi-Sec ¥9,600
 Our COCO (slightly sparkling) ¥500 ¥2,520
<White Wine> (750ml)
 Ashikaga-coco-wine ¥410 ¥1,300 ¥2,040
 Noumin Dry ¥450 ¥1,440 ¥2,400
 Kaze no Etude ¥650 ¥2,080 ¥3,240
 Tsuki wo Matsu ¥720 ¥2,300 ¥3,600
 Koshu F.O.S. ¥790 ¥2,530 ¥3,960
<Rose Wine> (750ml)
 Coco Rose ¥410 ¥1,310 ¥2,040
<Red Wine> (750ml)
 Noumin Rosso ¥450 ¥1,440 ¥2,280
 Kaze no Rouge ¥650 ¥2,080 ¥3,240
 Hi wa mata Noboru ¥720 ¥2,300 ¥3,600
 Yama no Tannat ¥1,270 ¥4,070 ¥6,360
 Cocoromi Norton ¥910 ¥2,910 ¥4,560
 Dai Ichi Gakushou ¥1,270 ¥4,070 ¥6,360
<Dessert Wine> (375ml)
 Roba no Ashi Oto ¥1,270 ¥6,360
 Mata Yaro Ne ¥1,270 ¥6,360

Friends of COCO
 (COCO’s Original California Wine)  

Glass Decanter Bottle
<Sparkling Wine> (750ml)
 MV Sparkling Wine Brut ¥940 ¥4,680
<White Wine> (750ml)
 California White ¥380 ¥1,210 ¥1,920
 Oak Barrel White ¥620 ¥1,980 ¥3,120
 Aubade White ¥1,270 ¥4,070 ¥6,360
<Red Wine> (750ml)
 California Red ¥380 ¥1,210 ¥1,920
 Oak Barrel Red ¥620 ¥1,980 ¥3,120
 Aubade Red ¥1,270 ¥4,070 ¥6,360
  • We have glass wine, decanter wine, or bottle wine. But please note some wines are only available by bottle.
  • We also have other wines to offer you in our wine list in addition to the above wines.
 Original Juice
Coco Farm Original Pure Fruit Juice Glass Bottle
 Grape Juice ¥320 ¥1,020
 Muscat Juice ¥320 ¥1,020
 Original Sparkling Juice
Sparkling Juice in Champagne Glass Glass Bottle
 Sparkling Juice Rose(750ml) ¥380 ¥1,920
 Soft Drinks
 Coffee ¥400
 Espresso Coffee ¥400
 Cappucino ¥450
 Dandelion Coffee ¥400
  (Coffee flavored beverage made from roasted dandelion)
 Tea ¥400
 Herb Tea ¥450
 Perrier(French sparkling mineral water) ¥400
 Handmade seasonal cakes.
We can provide cakes for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
Please contact us for details.
 Cheesecake ¥380
 Raisin Rolled Sponge Cake ¥380
 Seasonal Tart ¥380
 Seasonal Chiffon Cake with Ice Cream ¥480
 Vanilla Soft Ice Cream
 Rich vanilla soft ice cream to be enjoyed in the Coco Farm way!
 Cone or Cup ¥320
 With Caramel Sauce ¥450
 With Dark Chocolate Sauce ¥450
 With Espresso Affogato ¥450
 With Vincotto ¥450
 With Balsamic Vinegar ¥450


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