Directions to COCO


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By train:

  • From Tokyo, take the Tobu Isesaki line bound for Akagi, which departs from Tobu Asakusa station; Tobu Asakusa station is at the eastern terminus of Tokyo’s Ginza Subway Line. Ashikaga will take @ 70 minutes from Asakusa.
    For those who do not speak Japanese, please note the following:
  • To get to the Tobu Line ticket sales area, exit from the Ginza Line at
    Asakusa and follow the plainly marked signs for “Tobu Line”. The Tobu Line ticket sales area is located at street level, two flights up from the Ginza Subway Line platform. The Tobu Line boarding platforms are one floor further up.
  • One must buy tickets for either the Akagi-bound train (in the case of the Express) or the Isesaki-bound train (for the local). Both of these stop at Ashikaga. Please be aware that several other trains of the Tobu line depart from the same station with widely varying destinations. If you get on the wrong train you may find yourself in another part of Japan.
  • Express train tickets need to be bought from the sales window, or from the newer touch-screen vending machines near the sales windows. You cannot buy tickets for the Express trains from the older styled vending machines that dispense tickets for the local train lines. The sales windows are located at the top of the stairs leading up from the Ginza Line. The older ticket vending machines (where you may buy tickets for the local) are on the same floor just around the corner. Both of these ticket purchasing areas are one floor below the Tobu Line’s boarding platforms.
  • Please contact the station for exact time schedules
    of express trains. Those passengers departing at peak hours (from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and again from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM) are advised to arrive as early as possible as the entire train is reserved seating, and the trains often sell out.
  • Local trains leave more frequently and are less expensive (about \1,000 less) but take about twice as long to reach Ashikaga. Local trains are open seating.

N.B: Please note that the express train referred to above also stops at Kita Senjyu station before leaving Tokyo. This maybe more convenient for people starting their journeys near to either the Hibiya or Chiyoda train lines.

About details of Toubu Isesa line, please contact   Tobu Isesaki Line  

From the Stations:

Taxi and Ashikaga-city bus are availale. By taxi, it will take about 20 minutes from both Ashikaga and Ashikaga-shi stations. The fee would be about 2,500JPY. By bus, the fee is 200JPY for one way trip but the number of the bus is limited. Please check the time table.

By car:

  • Take the Tohoku Expressway from the northeastern side of Tokyo (most Tokyo cites will make their way by the Shuto Beltway to the Hakozaki Interchange, and there head north on the expressway that will eventually turn into the Tohoku Expressway). Continue north on the Tohoku Expressway about 62km to the Iwafune Junction, and there take the Kitakantou Expressway. Head west on the expressway about 20km to the Ashikaga Interchange.
  • Exit at this interchange. After you take the exit, the road is branching two ways. There, take a left (don’t take Route 293), then turn to the left at the first intersection (3-way junction) and proceed in the direction of Hikoma Umeda.
  • Travel about 10 minutes on the road until you come to an asymmetrical 4-way intersection. (On the way to the intersection, you will see Kitagou elementary school on your right and after that Save on convenience store on your left). At that intersection make a right turn inthe direction of Tajima and travel straight for about 1km; the road will get quite narrow and winding, and you will just about reach the conclusion that you’ve gone astray-don’t worry, you’re still on track.
  • After that 1 km the road will widen slightly and you will pass a “mom-and-pop” kind of grocery store on your right. Take the first right after this store, heading between some rice paddies. Take the first left-hand turn off this road and drive for just a few feet (perhaps 50 to 100 feet) until you see the sign for COCO ROMI GAKUEN/COCO FARM WINERY on the right. Turn right into this private drive and proceed straight up the hill until you reach the large, two-story, white brick building on the left-that’s the winery.
  • It should take you 90 minutes to 2 hours from Tokyo to the winery (given a relatively light traffic load).


Wine Shop
10:00AM ~ 6:00PM

11:00 AM ~ Last Order 5:30 PM

CLOSED: December 31 ~ January 2, the 3rd week of January (5 days from Monday to Friday), and the day before Harvest Festival.

*Reservations are not needed to visit our Wine shop

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