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  Throughout the year under the sky, silent farmers tirelessly work at the vineyard of COCOROMI GAKUEN and its winery COCO FARM & WINERY.

  In the 1950s, a group of students, who had been categorized as underachievers in the classroom, and their teacher cleared the slopes of the mountains and planted around 600 vines. In 1969, COCOROMI GAKUEN was founded as a residential facility for intellectually handicapped people. In 1984, COCO produced its first batch of wine in a tiny grape cottage located at the foot of the mountain. In 1989, COCOROMI GAKUEN students went to California and planted additional vines. Currently there are about 150 people who are involved in COCO’s wine making, supported by wine makers in Japan and around the world.

  In the vinyard’s steep slope, the students cut grass under the burning summer sun, rattle empty cans to chase away the unwanted crows as the sunrises on the ripening grapes, harvest clusters of grapes one by one using their hands, crush the grapes, and collect the fallen vine branches in the frigid cold of the winter… The days of working closely with nature made the children once called intellectual handicapped into skilled farmers.

  We value traditional hand work and dedicate ourselves to brewing technology that enriches the grapes’ potential. As a glass of wine will lift one’s spirits with pure, simple pleasure, it is our wish that somewhere our wine will be able to fill someone’s heart like a beautiful painting or music.
  • Yattembeh Sprit“The Yattembeh Spirit”, the Story of Coco Farm & Winery, is now on sale at Coco Guest room, ¥1,000/each. Read about Cocoromi Gakuen and Coco Farm & Winery, their histories, and their daily lives of the farmer-students.
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  • Wine Shop
    10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM
  • CLOSED: December 31 ~ January 2, the 3rd week of January
    (5 days from Monday to Friday ), and the day before Harvest Festival.
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■Lunch at COCO FARM
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