Wine Catalog

2010 足利呱呱和飲 ASHIKAGA COCOWINE (750ml) Our Ashikaga Coco Wine is our basic off-dry white wine. It is blended from grapes grown throughout Japan, principally Koshu from Yamanashi, with Yamagata Chardonnay adding breadth, and some Hokkaido-grown Bacchus providing an aromatic lift. Pair as you would with any light, aromatic, slightly sweet wines. White fleshed fish, chicken, and ham would do well, as would a cheese and fruit platter on a sunny afternoon.

2010 こころぜ COCO ROSE (750ml) Coco Rose is a medium-bodied, off-dry rose showing charming strawberry and sour cherry fruit. The blend changes with the seasons, but often features Muscat Bailey A and Merlot. It remains out go-to wine for afternoon sipping with a platter of cheeses and fruit, as well as our No. 1 choice for Japanese curry rice.
2010 農民ドライ NOUMIN DRY (750ml) Noumin Dry is our entry-level dry white wine. A blend of Hokkaido Kerner and Muller-Thurgau and Yamagata Chardonnay, the wine is a flinty, aromatic, crisp white, and an ideal accompaniment to fish or simply prepared poultry.
2010 農民ロッソ NOUMIN ROSSO (750ml) Noumin Rosso is our basic red, a soft, fruity, eminently drinkable dry red wine made from a variety of grapes grown throughout Japan. The backbone of the blend is typically a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Yamagata-grown grapes, and Muscat Bailey A to provide aromatic lift. Regardless of the blend in a given year, the wine is always a balanced, fruity, approachable wine capable of pairing with hamburgers, roast chicken, are grilled pork.
2009 風のエチュード KAZE NO ETUDE (750ml) Kaze no Etude is a gentle, complex dry white wine made from Chardonnay grapes. As with many Chardonnay-based wines, the broad, rich mouthfeel and complex blend of fruit and earth aromas makes for very satisfying drinking. We’d recommend this with shellfish, fish or chicken in cream sauces, pork, and veal.
2009 風のルージュ KAZE NO ROUGE (750ml) Kaze no Rouge is a full-bodied, full-blooded red wine made chiefly from Hokkaido-grown Zweigeltrebe grapes. Deeply scented, rich, and with a powerfully structured mouthfeel, these wine can be drunk young, but also handsomely repay cellaring. Pair with stews, game, or well-aged cheeses for a wonderful experience.
2010 北海ケルナー TSUKI WO MATSU (750ml) Our Tsuki wo Matsu is a special bottling of our most concentrated lots of Hokkaido-grown Kerner, fermented and aged in stainless steel and showcasing the powerful fruit, intense aromas, and structure of this unusual grape. Pair this with chicken teriyaki or grilled swordfish topped with salsa.
2008 甲州F.O.S KOSHU F.O.S (750ml) Koshu F.O.S. is a powerful, idiosyncratic wine made from Japan’s own Koshu grape variety. Fermented on skins like a red wine (hence “F.O.S”), this white wine isn’t really white at all. It displays a deep copper robe, an opening ‘comment’ to be followed by powerful, spicy aromas of cinnamon, fig, and walnut. In the mouth this wine is robust, with plenty of fruit and spice, and a dry, tannic finish. As an accompaniment to food this wine is most at home with similarly robust dishes, from chicken stew to tripe; it is also exceptional with strongly-flavored cheeses.
YAMA NO CHARDONNAY (750ml) Our Yama no Chardonnay bottling gives form to our firm belief in the quality of Chardonnay grown on steep mountain slopes in cool Yamagata prefecture. Low yields and late harvesting produces intensely flavored grapes and wines with a tremendous array of flavors and aromas and a broad, creamy mouthfeel. Try this with lobster or crab, are roast chicken dressed with a shiitake-cream sauce.

DAI ICHI GAKUSHOU (750ml) Coco Farm’s Dai Ichi Gakushou is a true meeting of East and West. With this wine, the Japan-only hybrid grape variety Muscat Bailey A is treated with the respect it deserves: organically farmed on steep, low-yielding mountain sites, the grapes are vinified in a very (European) traditional style, fermented with wild yeasts, aged in small oak casks, and bottled without filtration. The resulting wine allies the strongly floral characters of the grape with the earthy, complex elements of winemaking to produce a singular product. The wine’s aromatic power, relative lightness on the palate and strong core of acidity make this wine natural with poultry dishes. We especially like it with tea-smoked duck dressed with a berry-based sauce.

Yamano Tannat Yama no Tannat (750ml) Yama no Tannat is the kind of wine you won’t find else where in Japan. Exhaustive comparative analyses of growing conditions abroad vs. here in Japan led to the importation of this little know red grape variety. Encouraging results have followed, with the wines from this grape producing powerful, deeply colored, highly structured wines for ageing. A mature example would be perfect with a classic Japanese wild board hotpot dish. For those in a more western frame of mind we’d recommend a venison or beef stew. Yamano Tannat2
2010 あわここ OUR COCO (750ml) Koshu has pride of place in the Japanese winemaking firmament. It is a white wine variety indigenous to Japan, and has a uniquely Japanese subtlety of character. The Awa Coco bottling is a white sparkling wine, gentle and caressing with a dry, spicy finish. Like many Koshu bottlings, the mild character of the wine makes it suitable for a wide range of foods and occasions. 2010 あわここ
2011 のぼっこ NOVOCCO (750ml) Novocco Red Wine is a light, fruity, spicy red wine fresh from fermentation with a touch of residual carbonation. This wine is made in a “Nouveau” style, bottled young and immediately approachable. The grape involved is the Shokoshi grape, developed by the renowned Sawanobori family of Japanese grape breeders. The juicy, effervescent character of this wine makes it a natural for charcuterie, cheeses, and good friends.

2007 のぼ ブリュット NOVO BRUT sparkling wine (750ml) Novo Brut is a classically produced dry sparkling wine, made with careful attention to detail and in accordance with techniques developed by the Champenoise winemakers of northern France. The grape involved is Riesling Lion, a hybrid grape variety, from the vineyard overlooking our winery. This grape, fermented a la champenoise, produces a crisp, gently aromatic bubbly showcasing lime and quinine notes. A grand way to start dinner, and a perfect foil for all kinds of tidbits and hors d’oeuvres.

2007 のぼ ドゥミセック NOVO DEMI-SEC sparkling wine (750ml) As with our Novo Brut, the Novo Demi Sec is a traditionally made bottle of Riesling Lion-based sparkling wine, light, crisp, and refreshing. It has a higher dosage than the Brut, and that gentle sweetness makes it ideal to be paired with ham, cheeses, fresh fruit, etc. It also holds pride of place as the staff favorite for Sunday brunch.

SUONO DEL ASINO (The Foot Fall of Donkey) Vin Santo dessert wine. (375ml) Roba no Ashi Oto (“The Footfall of the Donkey”) is an unusual dessert wine made from dried Koshu grapes that are gently pressed and fermented in old oak barrels. The drying process intensifies the flavors in the grape, and adds a pleasing caramel note. Rich, honeyed and deeply satisfying, this ultra-sweet wine is a beautiful grace note to an evening of fine dining, especially when paired with a nut tart or dried fruit.
MV マタヤローネ MATA YARO NE (375ml) Coco’s Mata Yaro Ne is our red dessert wine, made from ripe Muscat Bailey A grapes that are slowly dried to concentrate flavors and sugars. The dried grapes are then macerated slowly through fermentation to produce a delicious sweet red wine, redolent of dried cherries and bitter almond. Try it with a flourless chocolate cake or simply chilled on a Sunday afternoon.

We are proud to have produced one of the wines served during the proceedings of the G8 Summit held in Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan in 2008. As in 2000, the wines for this event were chosen by a distinguished group of wine professionals from a very large field. Our 2006 Kaze no Rouge, made with 100% Hokkaido grapes, was picked to be served at the Spouses’ Reception Dinner, paired with local Hokkaido delicacies. We are thankful for the recognition that such an honor brings, and are humbled to have been chosen to represent one aspect of Japan’s food and wine culture on the world stage.