2015.11.14 [Sat]&15[Sun] 10:30AM~3:30PM

We at Coco Romi Gakuen and Coco Farm & Winery are happy to announce
the details of our 32th Annual Harvest Festival.

  • Dates: Saturday, 14 November, 2015 and Sunday, 15 November, 2015
    [NOTE: The Festival will take place regardless of the weather.]
  • Times: 10:30AM to 3:30PM (Reception is open until 3:00PM)
  • Place: Coco Farm & Winery, 611 Tajima-cho, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan


Participation in the Harvest Festival costs \3,000 per person.

*Children of 15 years old and under is free.
 This will allow you entrance into the fairgrounds, and buy you a Harvest Kit.
Each Harvest Kit contains the following: A Harvest Festival Commemorative Wine Glass with a Glass Folder, a Festival Member’s Badge, a Wooden Cutlery Set (Including Fork, Knife, Spoon and Chopsticks), an Exchange Ticket and more… The ticket can be exchanged for one of the following:

・A Carafe(750ml) of this year’s Freshly-Made Wine using 100% Japanese grapes

・A Bottle of Red Wine(750ml) with a Corkscrew. California Red wine just made for CoCo Farm in Sonoma,California.

・A Bottle of White Wine(750ml) using 100% Japanese grapes with a Corkscrew. 

・A Bottle of Rose Sparkling Juice(non-alcohol) with a box of garlic toast.

The Festival will feature continual live music, including: The Lark Quintet (Classical Music), Iwao Furusawa, Akira Sakata’s Jazz Group, Aura and Saigenji.

There will be two large Food Courts where Kanto area chefs will be preparing delicious meals for purchase. A partial list of dishes available includes: Paella, Tacos, Roast Beef, Charcoal-grilled Lamb, Fried Chicken, a Selection of Cheeses, and much, much more.


There is no parking near the fairgrounds to prevent guests from driving after imbibing alcohol. We strongly suggest that Festival attendees use shuttle buses for the festival or public transportations. Also, some hotels in Ashikaga-city will have their own buses. Please contact the hotels directly for more information. And if attendees are planing
to come by arranged bus, you can get off at the fairgrounds. In that case since
there is no parking, please park the bus in the city.

■Train from Tokyo
  1.Toubu Isesaki Line (express or local) from either Asakusa or Kita Senjyu.
     for more information

 2.JR Ryomo Line leaving Oyama station for
Ashikaga station.Those who want to know how to get to Oyama satation or time
     schedule and so on, please contact below
         To ensure how to go to Oyama
sation   eki kara jikokuhyou home  

         To ensure the time schedule              
eki kara jikokuhyou JR Ryomo Line  

■Ashikaga city bus(Ashibus Assy)
 This year, the former shuttle buses leaving following bus stops were
substituted with Ashikaga city bus("Ashibus Assy") .

 ●Ashikaga Gakko south
 ●Ashikaga city hall
 ●Ashikaga sports ground west

    for more information

 In case of taking a taxi from JR Ashikaga station or Toubu Ashikagashi station
visit  below


Ashikaga-kankou homepage

■Temporary direct bus from Shinjyuku to COCO Farm
& Winery for the Harvest FestivalFor reservation

  ●Ticket fee : \10,000 for a return trip ticket including Harvest Ticket
  ●The place of bus stop : Shinjyuku Station West Exit                                                                                              

  ●Departure time : Between 8:00am and 9:00am  
  ●The period for reservation : Between 1st September and 5th November  

   ※To inquire about this bus, please
contact JTB Ryomo-Branch. TEL 0284-70-0118                                                                                                              

■Shuttle Buses (no need for reservation)
 We will have shuttle buses running from 2 stops including the Ashikaga train
stations (JR line and Tobu line) to the fairgrounds.
  Shuttle Buses are running continuously from COCO FARM & WINERY to the following stops.

  1. Tobu Isesaki Line Ashikaga-Shi Station South Exit:
    One way 500yen Running from 8:30
  2. JR Ryomo Line Ashikaga Station North Exit:
    One way 500yen Running from 8:30

  *Please note that the last shuttle bus will leave the fair ground around 17:30

   For more information about shuttle busses for the festival, please contact Kyoei Kankou
Ashikaga Service Center


There is no parking around the fairgrounds. To
ensure the place for parking in city,please contact below

Guide for parking in Ashikaga city

There is a parking for arranged buses. Please contact JTB Ryomo-Branch about
details. TEL 0284-70-0118

We appreciate your cooperation to make wonderful festival memories for everyone:

・Drunken drive and under-aged drinking is prohibited by law.

・Please park your car at designated parking. And please don’t  disturb residents of our neighbourhood.

・Please be careful not to drink too much. There will be a first aid station. But we will not be able to treat drunken customer.

・We can not be responsible for lost, stolen items or any accident.
・It is not allowed to bring any food or drink into the

・Our vineyard will be open for this festival. Please take good care of our vineyard and the equipments. Also, please beware of

  falling rocks.
・No pets admitted into indoors except for service dogs.
・Don’t smoke in the vineyard. Please smoke at the designated smoking

We are very grateful for the supports from our neighbors, locals, volunteers, and attendees. Without all these support, we are not be able to held this festival. We would appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

2013 Harvest Festival Photo